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Camwells helps you profit from technology by driving business performance, in combination with strong financial management.


Chris Challis, Managing Partner of Camwells, has regularly written relevant articles for the IT Faculty of the ICAEW. 


Ideas for driving business performance are also found in our own series of blog articles, below:


Business Planning, Forecasting and Cash Flow

Profit From Excel

            Tips, Add-Ons and Alternative Approaches


This blog focuses making better use of Excel, or replacing it with something more appropriate.

"Great posts"

Richard Anning, Head of IT Faculty at ICAEW


"Informative and practically useful"

Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist


"I think your articles are great"

John Panczak, serial entrepreneur



There is also a considerable library of articles in the archives covering other areas of Camwells expertise:

Management Information and KPIs

Financial Systems and Business Processes

- Tips to prepare for January 2011

We hope you find these articles useful, and above all profitable!

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