How well are you using Cloud Computing?

Are you keen to leverage the benefits of cloud computing? Whilst avoiding the pitfalls?

Or are you already using cloud computing, and want to minimise ongoing risks?


Cloud computing systems include CRM (customer relationship management), accounting, ecommerce and other business functions. These type of cloud systems are packaged software but with the server being hosted by the supplier rather than it being on your premises.


They can provide a number of benefits over on-premise packages.  Such as more convenient access, better disaster recovery, better security for multi-site situations, more frequent upgrades and much else - all at a typically lower price that doesn't involve much up-front payment for the system.


But conversely many cloud systems have serious drawbacks. Until the industry more broadly adopts "best practice", it is very much "caveat emptor". Each offering needs to be reviewed for suitability in your specific situation, such as for functionality, access security, upgrade process and continuity. Only if any drawbacks are acceptable should that system be used. That includes big-name systems, which vary in suitability.

Camwells started using what is now called “cloud computing” more than 10 years ago. This was to sell tickets online for 30 events in the “Internet Business Forum” series as part of the ICAEW’s training programme, and then to sell a range of other products and events.


Camwells partner Chris Challis has written extensively about cloud computing for the IT Faculty of the ICAEW.

This expertise has been recognised by Chris having served on the Governance Board of the Cloud Industry Forum. Our experience is very much first hand, understanding what is important for you, both technically and commercially.


For end-users, Camwells can help you in one or more ways:

  1. Developing a strategy and policies for using cloud computing in your organisation
  2. Identify where cloud computing can help drive profit by boosting competitive position and revenue, cutting costs or improving cash flow
  3. If you are looking at new systems, help you assess and select cloud providers, perhaps alongside considering new on-premise options
  4. Helping you to implement cloud solutions to achieve your objectives, either through project management or periodic advice
  5. Reviewing your existing use of cloud systems and helping you to reduce unacceptable risks


For cloud providers we can help you by:

  1. Reviewing your operations to identify scope for improvement in services and competitive position
  2. Reviewing your marketing material to identify how your capability can be better portrayed to drive business
  3. Providing additional channels to market

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