Starting a Business? Or is it at a Crossroads?

Are you about to invest your time and money into a business venture? Or ask others to do so?  You'll want your ideas to be checked out. Just like you'd get a house surveyed before you bought it.


Or is your business at a crossroads, and you're not sure whether to stop or continue?  You'll need an independent sounding board. Someone with the experience to assess the situation in a pragmatic manner.


You'll benefit from the Camwells 360 degree Business Review.


This covers all the key aspects of a business that an investor would want to understand. That investor could be you, if you are investing not only money but also your time.


Many businesses quickly come to grief, or fall well short of expectations. Usually this is because the basics haven’t been covered.


Here's a summary of topics to assess, and how you can quickly see a picture of what’s green to Go, red to Stop, or amber areas to address in more detail:


The Camwells 360 degree Business Review takes each of these topics and expands them out into greater detail relevant to the specific business. The Review is suitable for a variety of circumstances:

  1. A start-up business idea
  2. A young business where it is not clear how or if to progress
  3. Any business, any size that is trying to grow
  4. Any business that is under new competitive pressure
  5. Any business that is trying to avoid being closed down


The idea is to protect and maximise any investment in money and  time being made by you or your outside investors.




With over 30 years’ business experience, Camwells has developed our own methodology to assess the inherent strengths and weaknesses of a business in relevant topics. The diagram above shows the main headings, within which are questions relevant to the specific type of business.


For example, is the business B2B, B2C, B2E? Can it be franshised or licensed? What's the best approach?


For investment, what about the "exit"?  There needs to be a clear idea of how to extract the investment in what timescale.  Are you likely to sell the business to another company in the trade?  Or take the business onto a listed market? How should that be explained to a potential investor?




The review can be of a business idea, a new business that is already running, or an established business that is facing commercial challenges. Feedback uses our unique "traffic lights" format as shown in the diagram above:

  1. An initial short session to review your business concept, principally looking for "green for go" aspects and any "red flag" show-stoppers. Amber denotes further consideration needed to make that aspect green. This initial review is FREE OF CHARGE to let us get to know each other.
  2. Only if you wish to progress, we can then
  • Hold further session(s) to cover the business in more detail
  • Prepare financial forecasts
  • Where appropriate build a formal Business Plan using the information collected
  • Introduce you to appropriate sources of finance, including crowd-funding and FCA-authorised people to raise equity




  1. Just like a house survey, the review is an opportunity to spot any potential showstoppers which you would need to address to avoid wasting your time and money
  2. Extra confidence when the business is clearly a good idea
  3. Ideas to improve the proposition, or address weaknesses
  4. Important areas to address you may not have realised




The review can take place as a meeting, or with a larger group in the form of a workshop. Preserving confidentiality:


"Useful discussion and healthy criticism - much appreciated"
MD of IT company trying to raise capital


"I'm now more confident in the way forward"
MD of internet trader


"Very useful day. We're now all singing from the same hymnsheet."
CEO of young tech company.


The intitial review is FREE OF CHARGE with NO OBLIGATION to go any further. Any time and money you subsequently invest would be very small compared to the amount of time and money typically at stake. There’s also a no-quibble guarantee that if you are not happy for any reason, there will be no charge.


To reiterate, confidentiality is paramount.





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