Forecasting for FDs and CFOs

If you're the Finance Director in a business (or if you have one in your team), you'll appreciate the importance of forecasting. 


If you have an FP&A team, then click here. Otherwise do read on.


As you know, every business should have a cash flow forecast for at least the next three months.  You'll also appreciate the value of a 3-way forecasting model of P&L, cash flow and balance sheet.  Not just for raising finance and keeping the bank happy, but also to set and monitor KPIs such as Return on Capital Employed (ROCE).


The key issue is that it's impossible to critically check your own forecasts. So it's useful to have someone else prepare them, and let you stand back to properly review the numbers.  Camwells can do this, and also provide a sounding board for strategic ideas and planning options.


You're probably also getting colleagues to contribute the revenue and cost numbers - 'Collaborative Forecasting'.  If you're using Excel, then its limitations are probably causing forecasting exercises to take far too long to prepare and check.  Other better software options are available, such as to provide workflow for the collection and approval of budget submissions. Particularly useful when contributors are in different locations.  Camwells can advise.


Here's an example of an AIM-quoted business that we worked with over several years:


“Camwells has contributed strong financial modelling skills coupled with sound and practical commercial advice that has provided immense value to our strategic planning process”

Colin Bonsey, Finance Director, Voller Energy Group PLC


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