Forecasting for Owner-Managed Businesses

If you're running your own business, then one of the toughest aspects is predicting the future.  But it is one of the most important.


You'll need regular cashflow forecasts to make sure your eye's on the business ball.  After all, "Cash is King"


Then there's the challenge of producing future balance sheets whenever the bank asks, or when you're raising finance .


If you already have a qualified accountant on your team, then click here.  If not, then read on.


Camwells has many years' experience of preparing budget and forecasts in a wide range of businesses. Work includes preparing 3-way integrated models for P&L, cash flow and balance sheet.  We can set up the model, and then help you update the structure and figures periodically as needed.


But we don't just do the forecasting mechanics.  Forecasting is as much about considering business options and the assumptions made. Here is a testimonial from someone who has been CEO of young technology companies:


“I have used Chris to help with financial modelling on a number of occasions. He has a rare combination of a strong strategic insight and the ability to set up the systems that make a business tick. Very trustworthy and committed to the client's interests.”
Quentin Compton-Bishop

CEO, Warwick Ventures, RolaTube and P2i


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