Do you feel you aren’t getting the information you need to monitor, drive and control your business?

You’re not alone. Disappointment with reporting is all too common. This can be because:

  1. The business has changed, or
  2. Available reporting facilities are unsuitable or have not been used well, or
  3. Requirements have never been formally considered

In addition, are you properly taking advantage of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? These can help to focus attention on key results, plus key activities that drive the business in the right direction. If you are already using KPIs, do they reflect the business as it is now? If not it is certainly time to review what you and the business needs.

In any case, if you are not getting the information you want, isn't it time to resolve the problem?

This is best done by someone external and independent. Someone who has a breadth of experience. Someone with fresh eyes who is not constrained by what has gone on before.  Camwells can help.


The first step is to consider the business and document requirements. Camwells can:

  • Meet with the CEO, MD, and other directors and managers (as you nominate) to:
    • Understand the business now and for the foreseeable future
    • Understand existing reporting
    • Identify key objectives, critical success factors and define relevant KPIs
    • Discuss and agree other changes in the information required
    • Determine what information should be presented graphically
    • Discuss related issues, notably timeliness and accuracy
    • Determine how often KPIs and other information should be reported
    • Identify data sources and any existing reporting tools
    • Identify whether different reporting tools would produce better results, such as by using dashboards
  • Document KPIs and other requirements in a draft specification
  • Discuss, amend and agree sections of the specification with the relevant people, and overall with yourself
  • Recommend next steps


If you're not geting the information you and your colleagues need, isn't it time to take advantage of the Management Information Review? Do:

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  • or send us an email.

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