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 An Old Adage
        or Camwells First Law of Business.
        Why is it important? 

 Cash Flow Forecasts - Timing of Receipts
        If you are preparing weekly or monthly cash forecasts,
        when should you forecast receipts?


 Does growth generate or consume cash?
        If you plan to grow, will you be able to pocket the money
        or be begging the bank for more cash? 

 Should we trade as a PLC?
        If you are starting a business, or have an existing business
        then would it be better as a Public Limited Company? 

 Making up for losses
        If you lose an item through obsolescence, bad debt or pilferage,
        how many more do you need to sell to cover your losses?
        How can this be avoided? 

 What Business Metrics should I use?
        It's common practice to monitor performance
        by a metric that divides one measure by another. 

 What proportion of a price is VAT?
        If VAT at 20% has been added,
        do you take 20% off to get back to the real price?

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